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Welcome to OnlineDressmaker

Finding your dream dress isn’t always easy. At Online Dress Maker, we want to help. As professional dressmakers in Liverpool, we create stunning pieces for all occasions. From evening ball gowns to bridal wedding dresses – we can create something truly unique to you. We also stock a variety of dresses in a range of styles, colours, and prices here on our site.

Our team have a wealth of experience creating bespoke dresses and work hard to exceed customer expectations time and time again. Currently, it takes around 4-6 weeks to create the dress, but if a specific time frame is required, we will do our utmost to meet it.

Sketched your own dress? Send it in and we will get to work creating it!

From classic styles to modern looks, our diverse range of stock and wealth of experience ensures that we can create the dress you have always dreamt of. Here on our website you can check out a size chart & measuring guide to establish the size of the dress you need, and if you are unsure about the style of dress you want get in touch with us. We are more than happy to offer recommendations based on preference and budget.

At Online Dress Makers, we want to provide the women of Liverpool with a dress they will cherish. From our website range to our bespoke creations – each dress is lovingly created guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

To find out more you email us at snwebsales@gmail.com


http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird- news/dance-teacher-fills-wedding-ballroom- 2155575

All 80 custom made bridesmaid dresses (style code 78107) are in hot pink chiffon colour and matching adult and children sizes.


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